Are Labradors hypoallergenic?

Usama Aamir Butt
5 min readAug 28, 2021

No. We can surely say that they are not hypoallergenic dogs. Many people often believe that it’s because they shed a lot. You must know if the dog doesn’t shed its fur too often, that doesn’t mean it is hypoallergenic; allergies can also occur from saliva, urine, and dandruff. But that does not mean that you can’t keep one. You just have to keep a lot of that protein out of the home by that kind of dog.

What are Hypoallergenic dogs?

Hypoallergenic dogs, I hear that a lot. What are hypoallergenic dogs? Basically, whenever you hear hypo, you think of low or less, if you are hypoglycemic; you have low blood and sugar. It doesn’t mean you have none but lower. Just like that, a hypoallergenic breed of dog or cat should have less of the protein that induces allergies in humans. There has always been this debate that hypoallergenic dog owners are less likely to be allergic but it isn’t proved yet. We are not allergic to their fur. We are allergic to those proteins from saliva and skin. They get stuck on the fur and then disseminate into our house and that’s where the allergies come from. Dogs of every breed do that but there are some that are less likely to cause allergies.

Can I have a labra dog?

As we know that Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of the world especially in the west; very warm, loving, and makes a great acquaintance. But if you have severe allergies then Labradors are not the best option to go for as they are hard to take care of. There are plenty of options you can try out like

Schnauzer (Mini, Standard, Giant)


American Hairless Terrier


Afghan Hound

Irish Water Spaniel

Portuguese Water Dog

Bichon Frise

Kerry Blue Terrier


They turn out to be a perfect choice for allergic people. They never cause any commotion zone They generally have longer hair. Their life cycle of the hair is different than say like a Mastiff or a Bernese Mountain Dogs. However, you’ll have to monitor your pet’s hygiene closely and brush them on daily basis to save their coat from getting tangled and get it trimmed at regular intervals.

How much Labradors shed?

With the exemption of hairless breeds, all dogs shred to a definite extent. When the fur on hair stops growing, it is shed by the dog. Labradors have a double coat. The external coat is waterproof fur and the other one is soft which keeps them warm. Hence they shed more than other breeds that have single. Labradors shed mostly in spring and fall and the course is known as moulting. In fall they will shed their thin summer coat for a thick winter coat and conversely in spring. The amount of shedding varies from dog to dog because it all depends on the environment they are subjected to. For instance, if you have a Labrador as only a guard dog then chances are that the dog will shed greater, twice a year. On the other hand, those who are kept mostly indoor will shed comparatively less and all through the year. Sudden change in the climate can also cause excessive shedding.

How to control shedding?


By brushing, you help your Labrador lose the unnecessary fur. Do it every day before going to work. This also keeps your dog’s coat cleaner and softer as it removes dead fur and helps to distribute the natural oils which make the coat shiny. Afterward, pull off the dead hair softly.


Poor nutrition is one of the causes of excessive shedding. If going to a groomer or hot bath doesn’t help. Try to customize your dog’s diet. This means no-grain food with a lot of meat in it.

Frequent Baths

Try to bathe your dog regularly to prevent additional shedding and allergies. Instead of washing it with your regular shampoo, get special shampoos and conditioners from the mart for your dog. It is preferable to do it outside in order to keep your place clean.


Stress might be a reason your dog is shedding more than he is supposed to. Always make sure that your dog is never left alone for long periods of time and you make your dog go through enough exercise.


Visiting a groomer for your dog is a considerable option but expensive also. The groomers use specific tools for grooming your dog and get rid of the unnecessary hair and makes the coat smooth. Frequently visiting a groomer for the task and managing your routine becomes a hell of a task sometimes.

May I shave my Labrador?

It is one of the most asked questions by new dog owners and the answer is a straight no. You cannot do that as doing this will remove its protective coating which prevents dirt and moisture from affecting it. If there are any bare patches after the shave, it can lead to sunburn also. If you shave your Labrador then maybe the hair will grow back in a different look.


You must take the above-mentioned points into account before you decide to buy or adopt a Labrador. As we said that they are quite popular and extremely friendly but they must be taken greater care of. But if you are sensitive or allergic then Labradors aren’t the right choice. But if you do get one then remember you have to be extra cautious and put more time with him. So before purchase or adoption look over and figure out whether you can manage it or not.